A Chainsaw Mill

is a very simple and effective tool for making lumber- a chainsaw mill could be the answer for all of your lumber needs. Have you checked the price of lumber lately? Do you want to build a home of your own? You need to get a chain saw mill of your own.

For the past few years our family has used a chainsaw mill to make lumber for many projects- including build a home, build a deck, greenhouse and assorted pieces of furniture both inside and out. But, mainly we used it to build a home of our own because of the huge amount of lumber necessary to successfully complete the project.

When we first decided to build a home we knew we were in for a big expense- it almost happened by accident that I discovered that we could use a chain saw mill to make our own lumber with our own trees.

That really is all it takes too-

· Lots of energy and persistence

· A chainsaw mill attachment

Our family was in the process of clearing land to build a home for ourselves- cutting a few trees with our chainsaw. For some reason which I don’t remember I needed to visit our chainsaw dealer. I think I needed some new chain or oil or something. A customer was in there talking about his new chainsaw mill and I happened to be standing right beside him.

He was raving about how well it worked and going on and on- and I just listened. Could this be the answer I had been seeking?

The price of lumber seemed to rise every week, how was I going to finish our home on our limited budget?

The dealer was nice enough to show me some pictures of the chainsaw mill he sold to the other customer and I ordered one that day.

I told my family that I had bought a chainsaw mill when I got home. A what? What is that, they didn’t even know what it was? Truth be told neither did I either. We were all pretty excited about the prospects of cheap lumber to build our home.

When it arrived and we started to use our chainsaw mill it quickly became evident that we needed to figure out how to use it. It took a bit of time to figure out a method that would work for cutting lumber in any situation for us but we did it.

There were no in-depth guides on ‘How to Use a Chainsaw mill’ back then so we really did have to learn it all for ourselves. Thankfully, now there is a pretty decent guide out there for you to use.

Over the years we perfected a system of using dead trees and mature trees for our own building projects. It really is nice that we don’t have to cut down or damage the whole woods just to get out a few boards for ourselves.

We hardly ever damage any other trees in the process and the whole tree is used, including the tops which we use for firewood.