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Chainsaw Buying Guide

How to choose the right chainsaw?
When buying a new chainsaw, there are two main considerations to be taken into account. First primary purpose of use and second physical strength of those who will use the chainsaw.

A lot of people spare no expense and buy the most expensive chainsaw that particular brand offers. It should be noted however that professional chainsaw with 5 horsepowers is a lot to handle even for a professional forester! This is why we recomomand something with 3.5 hp for an average forest owner.

1. Primary purpose of use
Chainsaws can be divided into three primary groups by intended use:

First group: orchard and trees pruning, wooden framing construction, gardening, cutting small amounts of firewood.
This type of saw feature:
25 – 40 cc displacement
2 – 3 HP
8 – 10 lbs

Second group: part time forestry use, mainly intended for landowners
This type of saw feature:
40 – 60 cc displacement
3 – 4 HP
10 – 12 lbs

Third group: professional chainsaws
40 – 70 cc displacement
3 – 7 HP
10 – 25 lbs

Hitachi CS51EAP 20-Inch Rear Handle Chain Saw, 50.1cc

Hitachi CS51EAP 20-Inch Rear Handle Chain Saw, 50.1cc

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Hitachi is a well known brand and one of the biggest corporations in the world. Hitachi tools are well known for its reliability and this chainsaw is no exception. 3.5 hp, 50 cc and with 11.5 lbs of weight make this chainsaw ideal for landowner. It may be also suitable for professional use as relatively light weight reduces operator fatigue.

Tanaka TCS33EB/16S 32 CC Rear Handle Chain Saw with 16-Inch Sprocket Nose Bar and Chain (New)

Tanaka TCS33EB/16S 32 CC Rear Handle Chain Saw with 16-Inch Sprocket Nose Bar and Chain (New)

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Tanaka TCS33EB/16S 32 CC is a relatively small chainsaw, with 1.6 hp, 32.2 cc engine is ideal for orchard and trees pruning, wooden framing construction and cutting firewood for own use. However is always handy to have a small chainsaw for example for cutting branches and clean up as it reduces operator fatigue.

Tanaka TCS51EAP 50.1CC 20-Inch Rear Handle Chain Saw with PureFire Engine (Reconditioned)

Tanaka TCS51EAP 50.1CC 20-Inch Rear Handle Chain Saw with PureFire Engine (Reconditioned)

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Tanaka TCS51EAP is another chainsaw ideal for landowner with several acres of forest with 3.5 HP/50.1 cc engine it is a direct competitor to Hitachi CS51EAP. It may be also used professionally for cutting logs of modest size considering its quality and reliability.

Best Chainsaw Reviews

Except for those who live in large cities in flats, most others will need some kind of chainsaw in their homes. This is because if you have a yard, and have even bushes growing there, they will need to be pruned once in a while. If you have trees, you may want to ensure that it grows a certain way, and keep a few branches lopped short.

Husqvarna 450


You may want to cut a few cords of firewood for the winter every year, or you may live in a rural area where you can never really say what use you will find for a chainsaw.

Although an axe may serve the purpose, nobody actually uses them anymore, and if you think that using a chainsaw needs a certain kind expertise, an ax needs even more. Plus using a chainsaw is more macho. There is no man who does not want to use a chainsaw, and all of us want the most powerful one we can find.

Makita DCS5121


Yet all of us also realize that we cannot get the large commercial grade ones simply because they are really not useful to us. Just as in fast sports cars, we want lots of power, usable power, at a good price. However much we feel that we are as good as any NASCAR driver, we also don’t want to spend a lot of money buying something that will be underutilized, if at all.

Husqvarna 455 Rancher


This is the reason why the smaller chainsaws came into being. They are small with a blade size between 14 inches and 22 inches long. Depending on the kind of use you want them for, they are usually more than sufficient for most home users. The difference is in the quality, reliability and power that they have.

Hitachi CS51EAP


You get a number of electrical chainsaws that are actually quite good. Electric motors are more powerful, lighter, and long lasting than internal combustion motors, and make very good value for money because you can get a very good machine for less than $100. The only problem with them is that they are limited by the availability of electricity.

If therefore you want to cut down branches from a tree in your home, and the tree happens to be 20 or 30 yards away from your home, you will have to have a long enough extension chord.

Poulan makes quite good electrical chainsaws and the Poulan Pro 400e is a very good piece. It costs only around $80 and is more than sufficient for your needs. If you want an in depth review you can click here for it.

Electrical chainsaws however have one major problem apart from the fact that they can only be used where a power plug is handy. If you are going to be pruning branches, or cutting wood, you will have to be really careful because if the wire snags anywhere, it is a potential safety hazard. You will not only have to concentrate on the whirring chain in front of you, but on the coil of wire behind you so that it does not snag anywhere.

Many people do not like this which is why they go in for the gas powered ones. The gas powered chainsaws are quite good, and you have the option of going for exactly what you want. Husqvarna ChainsawFor example, if you are a person who uses chainsaws a lot, and want a really powerful one, the Husqvarna 450 or 455 rancher is a good choice. It has a very powerful 3 HP motor and gives you more power than you would ever need.

It is also built in a very robust way and will last you years. There is nobody who has purchased one of these that are dissatisfied with it. If you want a full review of these chainsaws you can visit our review pages here and here.

The Husqvarna does have one drawback though and that is a big one. It is very expensive. It costs more than $370 which is three times as much as other chainsaws in this category.

If you are not going to be using a chainsaw all that much and feel that paying so much for something that you are going to be using a couple of days a year at the most is really not needed, you would like something that is as effective but cheaper.

This is where the Poulan and McCulloch chainsaws come in. Both of these manufacturers have small, gas powered chainsaws between the $130 and $150 range. They may not be as powerful as the Husqvarna, but in terms of “powerful enough”, it is adequate. Of course they do not feel as solid, or as well built as the Husqvarna, but then you are also paying considerably less for it.

They have a smaller motor, and the Poulan actually has two different capacities a 35 cc and a 42 cc one. It is better to go with the larger capacity motor because the smaller one has a lot of issues with overheating, because you will be running it a full power most of the time.

The larger motor though is good enough for most people, and even those who have a much more powerful one, prefer this one for the lighter work around the house. The Poulan feels better built than the McCulloch, but is also more expensive.

By and large the Poulan gets better reviews than the McCulloch, but if you want a full review of their chainsaws you can always check them out here.

Using Your Chainsaw

Just getting a chainsaw is not enough. If you are going to be using it, you will have to ensure that it is sharp enough to be used. Sharpening a chainsaw may sound like a big deal, but in reality is not. If you have a lot of time, and don’t mind putting in some elbow grease, you can even do it with a hand file.

Most people though prefer to use an electrical one. There are a number of brands that you can choose from, and almost all of them are effective on average. It is only the cost and the way that they are used that differ.

You can check out how to sharpen your chainsaw here where we have given a more detailed account of how you can do this.

Chainsaw Reviews

Chainsaws may not be right up there as one of the “have to own’s that people have on their list. Yet for some work there is just nothing else that will suffice, so having one for times like that is a good idea. Checking out our Chainsaw reviews first means that you will be able to decide exactly what you want, before you put down your money, and it also means the difference between you getting something that will cause you problems all along, and one that is a no hassles machine.

We hope we have been of help to you in your search.

Battery Powered

Cordless tools are gaining more and more popularity every year, as a matter of fact cordless drills have been around for decades now however in recent years we have seen almost every power tool having its own cordless version, including chainsaws.

So why it took so long for manufacturers to come up with cordless chainsaws? First reason are batteries, older cordless drills were powered by ni-cad batteries which made the tool either heavy or batteries would drain out quickly. The second reason is that entry level chainsaw requires five the amount of power compared with the best cordless drill and to supply that power with electrical energy you obviously need big strong batteries. The older Ni-cad batteries were unable to supply the required amount of energy for extended period of time. However with new Li-on batteries things have changed considerably. See also: best cordless drill Continue reading