Battery Powered

Cordless tools are gaining more and more popularity every year, as a matter of fact cordless drills have been around for decades now however in recent years we have seen almost every power tool having its own cordless version, including chainsaws.

So why it took so long for manufacturers to come up with cordless chainsaws? First reason are batteries, older cordless drills were powered by ni-cad batteries which made the tool either heavy or batteries would drain out quickly. The second reason is that entry level chainsaw requires five the amount of power compared with the best cordless drill and to supply that power with electrical energy you obviously need big strong batteries. The older Ni-cad batteries were unable to supply the required amount of energy for extended period of time. However with new Li-on batteries things have changed considerably. See also: best cordless drill

So, when does a cordless chainsaw come handy? Definitely not if you have to cut 4 acres of forest. However if you are building a house or if you are in construction business cordless chainsaw can come very handy. Lets say that you have to cut 5 beams to a specific dimension. We all know that starting 2 stroke chainsaw can be a big pain in the ass and at the end you may need to cut single beam. For that exact purpose may come handy corded chainsaw, but what if you don’t have electricity on your job site or you may have to drag 100s feet long extension cord across job site. Another benefit of cordless chainsaw is its low noise, 2 stroke engine will quickly lead to “friendly” neighbor complain. Cordless chainsaw may also find its use in fruit orchards, as tree pruning requires very a lot of low duty cuts with long off times between cycles. Cordless chainsaw may be used for “around the house” work for tree pruning and bushes cutting.

Cordless tools fuzz started with cordless drills that were initially powered by 7 volt ni-cad batteries, over the years technology improved so today best cordless drills are powered by 18 or 20 volt Li-On batteries. However you have to bear in mind that chainsaws require much higher energy input that’s why they are powered by 36 volt batteries.

Makita XCU02Z
it doesn’t surprise me that most popular cordless chainsaw come from manufactures that are producing cordless tools rather chainsaws. Both Makita and DeWalt cordless drills have been around for a long time.
This Makita comes as a bare tool once you add battery it does come in the same price range as Dewalt. It does future 12 in. bar at 11.2 lbs.

Dewalt DCCS690H1
Dewalt comes with 6.0 Ah Battery which is nice, as you don’t have to search around for battery. It does have 16 in. bar, compared to Makita 12 in. bar this seem a clear benefit, however lets be realistic constraining factor are the batteries and not the bar length. Dewalt DCCS690H1 weights 13.5 lbs. which is a little bit more than Makita XCU02Z.