Cheap Chainsaw – Tips For Buying Cheap Chainsaws

There are many traps for new buyers when shopping for a cheap saw and the first instinct is to look for a second hand machine. While this may have some merit, did you know you could quite easily pick up a new machine for the price of a second hand saw.

Today, big mart stores provide some great value chainsaws at cheap prices and if you are just looking for a machine to do some odd jobs around the house then you really should start looking at these budget machines. Second hand chainsaws can be risky. For example, if they have been used excessively then you will more than likely strike some issues with them.

Do you know the chainsaw’s history? Just because it’s a cheap saw doesn’t mean it’s going to be a bargain buy. What’s the point if it breaks down within a month of buying it. One trick is to always make sure you can get hold of the machine’s service history. Most times you will be taking the seller’s word that the saw is in good working order but a service history can tell you a lot about it’s performance history.

Tips For Buying A Cheap Chainsaw

One guideline to follow is to consider used cheap chainsaws only when they are between 12-18 months old and no more. While saws don’t change in what they are supposed to do there are always improvements going on in the area of safety.

Many people look for cheap saws at yard sales which will always produce a good bargain but there is still the issue of the machine’s history. Always check the chain thoroughly to see how worn it is and if it looks like it’s been through the mill you might want consider moving on.

Never walk away with a used machine unless you are able to put it through it’s paces. Always ask to test it. Check it’s starting ability and how quickly it kicks into gear. Then test it on some material and look out for things such as it’s cutting ease and whether you need to exert extra pressure on it to perform a cut.

Be Careful Buying Online

While the online world presents many buying opportunities there are plenty of traps for new players. If you are considering a cheap chainsaw online simply based on price you may want to re-think your decision. Unless it’s from a known dealer and more importantly, comes with a warranty, then look elsewhere.

You also will want to check the contact details of the seller. Believe it or not, many buyers overlook this. Be sure you can phone the seller and talk with them and never purchase a saw without having the opportunity to physically speak with the person selling it.

In the end, if you are just wanting something to use around the home then consider purchasing a cheap saw in new condition. Visit some of the big shopping marts and you’ll be surprised at just how cheap some of the saws are.