Echo Chainsaws

Echo manufactures a number of yard equipments, starting from hedge trimmers and power pruners to pumps and chainsaws. They are known to have a wide range of products and be of good quality.

The best thing about Echo is that they give you a lot of choice. In their chainsaws line alone, they have 13 different models available. These models are differentiated by the different capacity engines that drive them. Each of them in turn can be purchased with 3 or 4 different length blades giving you more than 40 different options to choose from.

This is much more than any other manufacturer gives. The nomenclature that they follow too is very simple. All their models are CS something or the other for chainsaws. The number that follows generally denotes the cubic capacity of the engine. So for instance the CS-400 has a 40 cc capacity engine while the CS-8000 has an 80 cc engine.

In fact they are one of the few manufacturers who have a chainsaw for everyone, at every price. For example their chainsaw line starts off with the CS-310 which has a tiny 30.5 cc engine. You get only one 14 inch blade length because this engine is not powerful enough to drive any greater length, but at $199 is cheap enough and powerful enough for those casual users, who need a good quality reliable machine that is not too expensive.

At the other end of the spectrum they have the CS-8000 with a massive 80.7 cc engine. This motor is one of the most powerful ones around, and can drive a blade up to 36 inches in length. It is in fact almost professional quality, and can be used for light commercial work too. At almost $830 though it is not cheap, but if you want one with these specifications, you will be hard put to find one at this price.

In between these two extremes come a wide variety of chainsaws, and you get 8 models in the $200 to $300 range. The number of options you have is enormous, and you can choose just what you need for your purposes.

Echo also has a few top handle models. Here the handle that usually comes at the back of the machine, is mounted on top of it. This feature is something that is not often found in other manufacturers, and for those who prefer it this way, there’s only the Echo to which they can turn.

Price wise, they may seem to be a little on the expensive side. For instance, if you take their cheapest model that costs nearly $200, it is much more than the $120 or $150 that other manufactures price their models at.

The difference is that you will not have any issues with the Echo. Most of the cheap models will have very thin plastic which means that the whole machine vibrates terribly when you operate it. The motor too will not be of good quality, and most of them will get overheated and shut down after half an hour or an hour of use.

Echo makes sure that you get the best that you can find in any segment. Plus they offer so many different choices that you can choose any combination that you want of power, weight and convenience.