Essential Guidelines For Chainsaw

Chainsaws are common tools for cutting down trees and chopping firewood. They are used by professional loggers in their daily work routine. They are also very powerful tools that are involved in serious injuries all the time because an individual did not use the tool properly. Even a minor chainsaw injury requires approximately 110 stitches! That doesn’t sound too minor to me! Most chainsaw injuries occur on the knees and legs.

To prevent a chainsaw injury only use the equipment as outlined by the manufacturer. Keep the blade sharpened and the chainsaw oiled. Never use a chainsaw with a rusty blade. It makes cutting difficult and can cause a serious infection if you get cut by it. Make sure the chainsaw you are using is the right size and design for the job you are attempting to do with it. You should only operate a chainsaw that has standard safety features including a chain brake, hand guards, a stop switch, chain catcher, and spark arrester.

Wearing safety equipment is essential when operating a chain saw. This includes a hard hat, safety glasses or goggles, work gloves, and chainsaw chaps. Only cut at waist level and below. It is not safe to raise the chainsaw over your head to cut anything. Instead us a ladder to get within reach of the area.

It is a good safety practice to only operate a chainsaw with someone else close by. This is to help you in the event of an emergency. If the chainsaw knocks you out you could bleed to death. Make sure anyone around while you operate a chainsaw has the proper safety equipment on as well. Children should never operate a chainsaw. It you do get cut make sure you apply pressure to the area and seek immediate medical attention.