Husqvarna 450

This models is a small, for-home use chainsaw. Most homes that have a yard will have some sort of plants/trees growing there, there’s no point in a yard otherwise. If there are plants, they will need trimming or pruning, and the simplest way to do this is to use a small chainsaw.

There are a number of these chainsaws in the market, each one vying with each other in terms of usability and power. If you are accustomed to using one, you may very well know exactly what you want, but if you are like the vast majority of us, and haven’t used them much, comparing a few before you buy one is a good idea.

In this review we are taking up the Husqvarna 450.

Husqvarna 450 Description and Features

There’s not much need for a physical description of a chainsaw, all of us know how a chainsaw looks like. The chain is 18 inches long, comes with a self oiling feature to keep it oiled, and a powerful 3.2 HP motor that is powerful enough for anything. It comes with vibration dampers to reduce vibration, and a gas motor that is very frugal. It is also quite light at only 14.5 lbs.

The Good

Most users feel that this is one powerful motor. In fact those who have used electrical motors in the past just do not find any comparison as this one, just chews through anything. It does not vibrate as much as earlier models, and because it has a redesigned crank, is not only much smoother, is also less noisy. It does not pollute as much, and more to the point, it does not get overheated.

One particular user has pointed out that even after three hours of continuous use, this motor was working just fine.

It comes with a unique centrifugal air cleaning system that ensures that no solid matter enters through the air intake, spoiling the engine.

The Bad

There’s just two things in the negative for this model. The first is the price. At $370 it is quite a bit more expensive than other similarly sized, but electrically powered chainsaws. Considering that most homes are not going to be needing chainsaws frequently, this is just too much money to put into a machine that you will use just a couple of times a year.

The second thing is that for just $15 more than the $370 you pay for this you can get the Husqvarna 455 rancher that gives you a 20 inch long chainsaw. Although there is absolutely no difference between the 450 and the 455 barring this, the extra 2 inches may mean a lot, especially since you are paying only $15 for it.

My Conclusion

If you do not have the option of using an electrically powered chainsaw in your home, then this is one of the best saws that you can go with. Even if you just want a chainsaw for yard work, if you are going to be using it frequently, as in once a week or a couple of times a month, then the 450 is the one to go with.

The advantage of an electrical chainsaw gets negated when you use them frequently because then you need more power, and the 450 has much much more.

Of course considering that the 455 Rancher is just $15 more, that one makes more sense, but if you really do not need the extra length, then this one is good enough. Especially as this one weighs only 15 lbs while the 455 Rancher weighs 21.