Husqvarna Chainsaws

Husqvarna makes construction equipment. Starting from chainsaws to remote demolition robots, they have a wide range of equipment for both building up and pulling down. They are one of the top companies in the world, and are known for their top quality products.

When it comes to chainsaws, Husqvarna is known to make some of the most powerful in the business. They believe that the only good chainsaw is a powerful one, and even if you go in for their supposedly bottom line home-use chainsaws, you still get the most kick for you buck with them.

Husqvarna Models

They have two different models of chainsaws in their product line, one is their 18 inch long 450 chainsaw and the other is their 20 inch long 455 Rancher. Both of them are ditto to each other, except for the fact that the 455 rancher has a 2 inch longer blade.

In terms of cost they are a little on the expensive side. While you can find a number of quite serviceable and adequate electrical chainsaws for less than $100 these cost $370+. For the simple yard work that they are going to be used for most of the time, this may seem like a bit of overkill.

Yet they have two things going for them. One is their power. There is simply no other chainsaw that gives you as much power as they do, and if you take the 450 it weighs in only at 14.5 lbs which is very decent. You don’t have to be a hulk to carry this around and use it.

The second is the convenience of being able to use it without any encumbrances. For example if you had a small tree that you needed to prune, imagine the difficulty involved with an electrical chainsaw. Starting from having a long enough extension chord to the wire getting snagged everywhere on branches, you’d be lucky if you got off with your limbs intact.

The Husqvarna gives you the freedom of operation that you expect in a chainsaw and although many people may think that the vibration would shake their joints lose, the newer models are not that bad. They have special dampers, and the design of the crank itself has been improved to both dampen vibration and give better fuel economy.

Even in case you want to replace anything, all parts are available very easily online. You get chain sharpening equipment which will keep your blade sharp for longer, and if it gets too worn down, you can even replace the chain. Even the fuel and oil is available online if you have any difficulty in purchasing them.

They are also very well put together, and you get absolutely no problem with them like you do with the cheaper ones. The plastic parts are all solidly made, and you don’t get the feeling that after a couple of uses, the whole contraption will just shake itself to pieces.

Husqvarna Brand

Husqvarna is a well respected name when it comes to this kind of equipment, and if there is any negative at all in them it is that they tend to be a little on the expensive side. Yet if you are going to really need a chainsaw, as in going to use it rather than just have one lying around to give that macho image, then the price is not too high. They are very reliable and last years, and apart from filling up their fuel and oil containers, do not need anything else in the form of maintenance.

McCulloch Chainsaws

McCulloch chainsaws are very popular because they offer, cheap, serviceable chainsaws. They are definitely not the best in the industry, but they work and they get the job done. When compared to other chainsaws that cost nearly $400, you get ones starting around $120 from McCulloch.

If you want something even cheaper, you can go with their electrical ones that cost less than $100.

McCulloch chainsaws tend to get polarized reactions from their users. People either give it a 5 star rating or a 1 star. The problem is that they are made for a specific purpose and with a certain market in mind, and if you do not do your research properly you are definitely going to be disappointed.

For example, if you want a really powerful chainsaw and one that is so robustly built that it is just its size that prevents it being used in the logging industry, you will have to shell out quite a bit of money.

Most home owners however are not loggers, and the chances of them ever wanting to cut down a tree is remote. Most of us want something that can be used to trim the branches of any trees we have in our yard, or maybe prune some shrubs. Sometimes, you may even want them to chop up some firewood, if you are in the habit of getting them in large blocks.

An electrical chainsaw is more than enough for these purposes which is why they are very popular. Electrical motors are not as finicky as gas ones, and they also keep much better, in the sense that you can leave them lying around for months on end, and then when you plug them in and switch them on, they will work.

McCulloch has a few electrical chainsaws for this reason in their line. They are pretty decent and although they are not the most powerful they are adequate for most of our needs. The only problem with them is that they are constrained by the length of the extension chord. Also some of us do not like the fact that there is a wire snaking along behind us.

If it gets snagged somewhere when we are using it, it can be potentially dangerous, which is why McCulloch also has a few gas powered chainsaws that you can choose from.

The good thing about them is that they are cheap, you get them for around $120. The bad thing about them is that everything about them feels cheap. This is the cause of the polarized reactions. If you understand that you are paying cut rate prices for a chainsaw, you will definitely be happy with these. If on the other hand you want something more robust and better quality, you will be disappointed.

All McCulloch chainsaws are made to a price, and they also make sure that all their parts are very easily replaced. This means that if something breaks you can only replace that part and you are good to go. You don’t need to replace the whole machine.

The motor fires up at the first pull, and you can even cut down small trees with it. It may huff and puff like a middle aged man on a treadmill, but it can do it. The plastics all rattle and vibrate and give you the feeling that they are going to shake itself to pieces in a few seconds, but even after a couple of hours still remain fixed.

Of course you can get better ones, but none as good as this at this price. Everything that costs the same is even worse than the McCulloch. This is why you will have to know beforehand what you need the chainsaw for before you get one.

If you are going to be using fairly regularly, then you may need a more powerful one. If on the other hand you are like the vast majority of us who just need something that will simplify yard work, this is more than enough. It gives us everything that we ask for, it is cheap, it works, and parts are easy to come by. If you have to sacrifice a little in terms of user experience, you also get a very good deal in terms of price. A very compromise package.

Poulan Pro 400e

A chainsaw may not be what the average Joe, or Jack may want in his home. There are very few times when anyone would want to use a chainsaw for anything. Yet just like a tool kit, there are times when it will be invaluable, and having one around for those times is a good idea.

There are only two things that you want in a chainsaw in this case. You want it to be cheap, and you want it to be able to do the work that you want to do.

While there are monsters that can chew down entire trees, they are only going to be useful if you are going to be cutting down trees for a living.

For your home, a relatively small, lightweight, but powerful chainsaw is what you need. Poulan has such a model for exactly this purpose. It is the Poulan Pro 400e.

Whether you need a chainsaw or not is something that you will have to decide, but if you do want one, you may want to compare the different ones that are available, and below we give you a comprehensive review of the Poulan Pro 400e.

As chainsaws go, there is no difference between one and the other. The 400e has a hand guard and a large start-stop button that is easy to operate. Because it is electrically powered, you just plug it in, press the button, and you are good to go.

The good.

It weighs in at only 14 lbs.
It has a 4 HP motor that is good enough to cut down small trees in just a couple of minutes.
The wrap around handle ensures that your hands do not get injured, even by splinters.
It comes with a anti kickback blade tip, a very good feature considering that most users would not have too much experience in using a chainsaw.
It comes with an automatic chain olier which keeps the chain oiled and therefore well lubricated.
The fact that it is a electrically powered machine means that the amount of noise you generate is much lower than the traditional gas powered one.
It also features an 18 inch, solid steel guide bar.
The whole machine is double insulated, which means that there is no grounding through the machine. This also means that you can use it in any standard 120 volt socket.
The bad

There’s very little that is negative in the Poulan Pro 400e. It gives more than enough power and is light enough for anyone to use. If at all you want to gripe about anything you can say that you need a really long extension chord because it will not operate without electricity. This means that if you don’t have one lying round, you will have to get one, which is an additional cost.

The verdict

If you want a simple, chainsaw for odd jobs around your home and yard, there is nothing better than the Poulan Pro 400e. There’s no maintenance that you need for this machine, apart from giving it a good clean before you set it aside, and because it is electrical, all you have to do is to plug it in and press the starter switch to get it working.

At $80 it is a bargain, and unless you really don’t need one, there is no reason for you to go with a gas powered one, even if it is cheaper. You cannot start them after laying them aside for a couple of months without servicing the motor, and you also have the noise and smoke. Even though this model uses electricity, it’s not too much of a drain as long as you don’t stress the motor too much. If you take things nice and easy, you end up using far less than even you think you will.

If you have your own home with a yard and a couple of trees and other shrubs/bushes, you can do far worse than getting one for yourself. They last a long time, and will have repaid you ten times their cost by the time you feel you need to replace them.