Poulan Pro Gas Powered Chainsaws

Poulan makes a number of different models of chainsaws, both electrical and gas powered. The electrical ones are very good as electrical chainsaws go, but most of us who need some work out of our chainsaws really find that electrical chainsaws are more a nuisance than anything else.

The Poulan Pro series has a two different engine configurations that can come with a number of different lengths of blade. You get blade lengths starting from 16 inches right up to 20 inches.

Most of them share parts, and apart from the difference in lengths of the blade, it is very difficult to tell them apart.

There is however one big problem with Poulan and that is that based on the kind of machine you buy, you will either be very happy with it, or will tear out your hair in frustration. The smaller engined model seems to have some problem with its carburetor which means that after about 45 minutes of use, the engine will just die. You can restart it once the engine cools down a bit, but even then only for a couple of minutes before it gets overheated once again.

Since this is a design flaw, there is nothing that can be done about it except go in for the larger capacity model. The larger capacity one does not have this issue, and almost everyone who has purchased it is happy with it.

Before you get gung ho about it, you need to understand that this machine is built to a price. It costs only around $150 so you cannot expect quality that you get at $350 from it. Apart from this it is a very good machine, and people who use their chainsaws a couple of times a year, find that this machine is more than enough for their needs.

Almost everyone recommends that you go with the 42 cc 18 inch blade one. This seems to be the best compromise between power and blade length, and people who use their chainsaws to cut up a few chords of wood for the winter find that their machine can handle it without any issues.

If the chain is sharpened properly, using ¾ of the throttle is more than sufficient most of the time, and you will have to use it at full throttle very rarely. Because of this, there is no issue with overheating, unlike the smaller engined models.

Even if it costs $20 more the bigger one is better for this reason alone. Plus you get a spare chain free with your purchase, which means that as value for money, this model is better than the 35cc one.

The only negative though is the weight. This one weighs in at around 25 lbs which is around 10 lbs more than similar sized ones from other manufacturers. If this is not a concern for you, then the Poulan Pro should be a good bet. If not, it is better to pause before you put down your money.

It is guaranteed that you cannot do heavy work with this machine, it just does not have the power for it. If on the other hand you have one that is much bigger and heavier for the heavy stuff, you may find it more convenient to go with this one for the light work. If you don’t do any heavy work, but need a chainsaw for light yard work or for chopping wood, then this is more than sufficient.

Just be careful to give it a good clean before you pack it away for the summer. It is good to drain out the oil and fuel, and give it a once over if you want to avoid starting problems when you want to use it again, but then this is true of all gas powered machines.